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Dallas DA announces formation of new Animal Cruelty Unit

Olivia, rescued earlier this month and taken to Dallas Animal Services, she is now in the care of Animal Allies of Texas

The animal welfare community is celebrating today after Dallas County ADA David Alex, in an interview with CBS 11 reporter Sharrie Williams, yesterday confirmed the creation of a special unit within the District Attorney’s office to prosecute animal cruelty cases.

Dallas Animal Services Division Manager Jody Jones has been working with the DA’s office to find ways to better prosecute these cases since she arrived in Dallas just over a year ago, and this is a huge step forward in that effort. Jones, a faculty member of the Animal Cruelty Advisory Council of the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys, an organization comprised of the nation’s top animal cruelty investigators and prosecutors, spoke just last month at the National Animal Cruelty Prosecution Conference.  The conference is designed to educate prosecutors, veterinarians, and law enforcement about the tools and resources available for investigating and prosecuting cruelty cases and the importance of recognizing them as violent crimes against a community. Dallas ADA David Alex and three other staff members from the District Attorney’s office attended the conference, where Jones co-presented with Animal Legal Defense Fund President Soctt Heiser. Jones has regularly consulted on and helped facilitate similar animal cruelty units and prosecutions throughout the country and was instrumental in forming a legislative task force in Virginia that brought agencies together to affect positive change in animal cruelty laws in that state.

A formal announcement of the animal cruelty unit is scheduled for December 4th at the Dallas County Commissioners meeting. DFWAnimalRescue.com is very proud of everyone at the DA’s office who worked so hard to make the animal cruelty unit a reality.  This brings our City to a whole new level in regards to the care of our animals.

Want to say THANK YOU yourself?  Leave a comment on the District Attorney’s Facebook page here.


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1 comment for “Dallas DA announces formation of new Animal Cruelty Unit

  1. November 28, 2012 at 3:26 pm

    This is awesome news! I know that sometimes, it can be so discouraging for many in the animal rescue, rights and protection communities to see so much tragedy (you only have to follow a couple of rescue-related Facebook pages to know this!) in this field, but this news is so heartening and long anticipated.

    I have this on my calendar and will definitely be at the County Commissioners’ meeting next week!


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